For the first time, Delhi University (DU) would offer dual degree programme in collaboration with France.

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DU Soon To Offer Dual Degree Programme In Collaboration With France

New Delhi: Delhi University (DU) would shortly collaborate with France to offer a dual-degree programme in nuclear science. As per sources, the department of physics and astrophysics, DU, which launched an M Tech in Nuclear Science and Technology last year, will be tying up with seven French institutions to offer the dual-degree.
RK Shivpuri, Head, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, said that the students enrolled for DU’s three-year M Tech programme would be spending third and fourth semester in Paris and they would be awarded a Master’s in Nuclear Energy. Once they come back from Paris and spend fourth and fifth semester in DU, they would get an M Tech degree.
Mr Shivpuri further added that Master’s programme in France would be offered by a group of seven different institutions: University of Paris, Paris Tech (consortium of 12 French institutes), Ecole Centrale, Supelec and INSTN. According to a statement made by Sylvain Ferrari, International Development Co-Ordinator - Ecole Polytechnique, which is a part of Paris Tech, it is an industry-driven programme. It would be offered in collaboration with EDF and Areva - organizations working in the field of civil nuclear energy,
Mr Ferrari elaborated the reasons behind offering a dual-degree programme with DU, as the M Tech curriculum at DU comprising of topics taught at the first year of the Master’s programme in nuclear science in France. Hence, students coming to France would be able to specialize in one of the five areas offered in the second year of the course - nuclear engineering, operations, nuclear plant design, waste management and fuel cycle.
As per sources, DU had tied up with France last year to send M Tech students to Paris. The twelve students who were enrolled in the first batch of the M Tech programme are in France. However, the agreement to offer a dual degree is from this year onwards. This is the first time that the university is tying up with another higher education institution for a dual degree.
- By Archana Sharma
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