Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade (IICT), Lucknow, has issued notification for admission into various MBA and post graduate (PG) diploma programmes, offered in the ensuing session 2011-12.

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IICT MBA & PG Diploma Programme 2011 Admission

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade (IICT), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has invited application from eligible candidates for admission into the following MBA (Master of Business Administration) and post graduate (PG) diploma programmes, offered in the upcoming academic session 2011-12.
Courses Offered:
MBA (Masters Diploma in Business Administration)
  • Specialization Offered (Select any one)- i) Foreign Trade (FT), ii) Marketing (Mkt),          iii) Pharma Marketing (PM), iv) Software Marketing (SM), v) HRD (HR), vi) Finance           (Fin), vii) Tourism Administration (TA), viii) Hospital Management (HM), ix) Insurance Management (IM), (x) Banking (Bk), (xi) Operations(OP), (xii) Information Technology (IT), (xiii) Retail Management (RM) , (xiv) CRM, (xv) Hospitality Management (HP)
  • MBA   (Dual) - Dual Specialization offered from the above areas
  • EMBA (Executive Masters in Business Administration)
PG Diploma Courses
  • FTA- Foreign Trade Analyst
  • MFT-   Management of Foreign Trade
  • PGDF - PG Diploma in Finance
  • PGDM - PG Diploma in Management
  • PGDFT- PG Diploma in Foreign Trade
  • PGDEM- PG Diploma in Export Marketing
  • PGDMS- PG Diploma in Marketing & Sales
  • PGDSM- PG Diploma in Software Marketing
  • PGDHM- PG Diploma in Hospital Management
  • PGDTA- PG Diploma in Tourism Administration
  • PGDIM- PG Diploma in Insurance Management
  • PGDDS- PG Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • PGDPM- PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • PGDHRD- PG Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • PGDB - PG Diploma in Banking
  • PGDOM- PG Diploma in Operations Management
  • PGDIT- PG Diploma in Information Technology
  • PGDRM- PG Diploma in Retail Management
  • PGDCRM- PG Diploma in CRM
  • PGDHPM- PG Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • PGDSVM- PG Diploma in Services Marketing
  • PGDPBM- PG Diploma in Pharma Business Management
  • PGDTM- PG Diploma in Telecom Management
  • PGDMM- PG Diploma in Material Management
Diploma Courses-
  • ADF-  Advance Diploma in Finance
  • ADEM  - Advance Diploma in Export Marketing
  • ADMS- Advance Diploma in Marketing & Sales
  • ADSM  - Advance Diploma in Software Marketing
  • ADTA- Advance Diploma in Tourism Administration
  • ADPM  - Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • ADDS- Advance Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • ADIM- Advance Diploma in Management
  • ADHM   - Advance Diploma in Hospital Management
  • ADIRM- Advance Diploma in Insurance Management
  • ADHR- Advance Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • ADTM- Advance Diploma in Telecom Management
  • ADMM- Advance Diploma in Material Management
  • ADBM  - Advance Diploma in Banking Management
  • DIF- Diploma in Finance
  • DIM- Diploma in Management
  • DMS- Diploma in Marketing & Sales
  • DSM- Diploma in Software Marketing
  • DEM- Diploma in Export Management
  • DTA- Diploma in Tourism Administration
  • DIRM- Diploma in Insurance Management
  • DDS- Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • DPM- Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • DHR- Diploma in Human Resource Development
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How to apply
Interested candidates can visit the Institute’s official website: for more details regarding admission, eligibility criteria, registration fee and application procedures.
Last date of submission of application form
August 31, 2011
- By Archana Sharma
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