IIM graduates, who opted for public sector units (PSU's) during last year’s sluggish recruitment scene, are now looking for plum private sector jobs.

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IIM Graduates Opt for Private Companies Over PSUs

Bangalore: With the changing phase of economy, which brought finance and consulting firms back as hot favorites on B-school campuses, IIM Graduates are ignoring Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) jobs. IIM graduates, who opted for public sector units during last year’s sluggish recruitment scene, are now eying coveted private sector jobs. Moreover, the lucrative pay package is considered to be the major factor for majority opting for private sector jobs.
Normally, it is seen that PSUs are last preference on campuses. However, many students had opted for them in 2009, despite the smaller pay packages, because of the security they offer. With major consulting firms and investment banks staying away from campuses, students hardly had any choice. In fact, last year, the placements went on for more than a week. PSUs had also increased pay packages. However, 2010 is different. With hiring picking up, it appears the PSUs were just stepping stones, and it is time for students to move on to corporate set-ups. 
For example, an IIM graduate, who did his major in finance in one of the IIMs, is working in the statistics department of a PSU. Now, he is keen to pursue a job in his field. He said that last year, there weren’t many finance firms stepping inside campus. Since he wanted a job, therefore he grabbed a PSU. Presently, with the economy picking up, the graduate has bagged some offers now and is set to move.
- By Raihan Hassan
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