The hostels at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) are undergoing renovation.

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Renovation at IIT-B Hostels

Mumbai: Hostels at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) are undergoing renovation. It is an effort to make the hostels rooms more than just habitable.
Presently, IIT-B is engrossed with the idea 'Make Hostel My Home'. Some hostels require basic touching-up, while others needed to tweak the way a monochromatic life was going by, within the boundary of their world. Therefore, hostel 7 received the bookcases they wanted, while hostel 6 and 8 require Laundromats, hostel 4 got a new gymnasium and hostel 2 got a home theatre, a camera and some musical instruments they had wished for.
Bakul Desai, Director of the IIT-B alumni association, which is celebrating its decennial year, said that MH-square is spread over three parts there are some everyday routines like cleanliness that students must take care of. He said that then there is this invisible task of everyday maintenance of the leaking pipes, the wires that have snapped, which the institute needs to look into. However, there is more to making a place better-that's where the alumni contributions come in.
Moreover, according to a statement issued by alumni, for students it's not just about drawing up a wish list. They are also required to reason out the pressing need. For instance, when hostel 4 mentioned they needed treadmills in the gym, it was knocked off because the 550-acre campus is a large treadmill.
- By Iti Agarwal
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