University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) are involved in a quarrel due to regulatory powers issue.

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Regulatory Powers Become Issue of Quarrel between UGC & AICTE

New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) appeared to be in a fight for supremacy after the Supreme Court order that approval of AICTE is not required to obtain permission and run MBA courses by private institutions, since it does not fall under the definition of technical education.
As per the Supreme Court (SC), the AICTE’s role in comparison with universities was only advisory, recommendatory and one of providing guidance, and has no authority empowering it to issue or enforce any sanctions by itself. In addition, the apex court had said regulatory function was with UGC or the university.
To fill the vacuum, UGC has notified to all universities with affiliating colleges that no new courses should be approved by them. UGC also informed that it would not approve any new course. According to a senior UGC official, this has been done to fill the vacuum. AICTE had already finished the process for 2013-14 by the time the SC order came. For 2014-15, new process would be announced later.
Meanwhile, AICTE officials stated UGC's letter to universities should not have been sent. An AICTE official also said it will lead to confusion. UGC is aware that HRD ministry is preparing an ordinance to undo the SC order. On this statement, the UGC officials clarified that its letter was just to make it clear that some regulatory mechanism was in place.
Furthermore, the ministry sources stated that efforts were underway to ensure HRD ministry's ordinance, was taken up by the Cabinet this week. The ordinance redefines 'technical institution' and includes colleges, maintained or admitted to the privileges of university, affiliated colleges, constituent colleges, autonomous colleges, colleges recognized by any university, department of private or deemed universities. The SC had said only MCA fell under the definition of technical education.
As the Supreme Court (SC) had pointed out that amendments in regulations of AICTE Act were not placed before Parliament, the ordinance says provisions of AICTE Act shall have effect notwithstanding any court order and any other law for the time being.
- By Raihan Hassan
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