Fifteen organizations have submitted applications to start new colleges under the affiliation from the University of Madras, said Vice-Chancellor (VC) G Thiruvasagam.

Last Updated: 2011-03-08T07:23:32+05:30

Madras University Receives Applications for 15 New Colleges

Chennai: G Thiruvasagam, Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Madras University, said that fifteen organizations have submitted applications to start new colleges while as many as 182 institutions affiliated to the University of Madras have sought permission to start new courses.

As per sources, speaking at a seminar organized by the department of management studies on Thursday, the vice-chancellor said that a few colleges have asked for suspension of some courses while others have asked permission to increase number of seats.

Furthermore, emphasizing the need for colleges to hone their expertise in particular disciplines rather than simply introduce more courses, Thiruvasagam said the university would encourage institutions that focus on individual disciplines. He also added that they are now inviting proposals from organizations to start a college of basic sciences, for instance. He said that the University of Madras will grant affiliation.

In addition, Thiruvasagam while citing the example of the Madras School of Social Work, has said that the institution had gained recognition because it offered specific training in social work, counseling and psychology.

- By Iti Agarwal
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