Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) has established a Centre of Excellence in Advanced Design.

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Kumaraguru College of Technology Establishes Centre of Excellence

Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) has established a Centre of Excellence in Advanced Design. According to sources, the setting-up of the center would cause an investment of about one crore. The center would focus on innovation and research.

Centre of Excellence in Advanced Design is being established to fulfill the following objectives:

• To bring “science to Engineering” culture using “High Performance Computing” and address the technological needs for the country through quality education and training.
• To enable students to face design challenges in aerospace, automobile, civil, electronics, mechanical, marine, energy, textiles and other domains.
• To make the students ready for industry absorption by inculcating modern design tools for basic sciences leading to lifing and optimization.
• Offers students excellent design learning experience through project based learning and help the students to understand the global engineering design community and experts in the industry through stronger industry academia collaboration.
• It would provide research and development to industries in product development with a large faculty pool and advanced infrastructure.
• To conduct regular training courses for students, faculty and industry engineers and to update skill sets relevant to current design industry requirements.
• National and International seminars and conferences would also be conducted to provide a platform for researchers to discuss on latest technological developments.
• Advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools available for modelling, visualization, linear & nonlinear structural analysis, optimization, computational fluid dynamics, multi-body dynamics, crash analysis, fatigue life analysis and manufacturing solutions.

For more information on Centre of Excellence in Advanced Design please visit the institute’s official website http://www.kct.ac.in/ and click on the link About CEAD and download the PDF file for CEAD brochure.

- By Iti Agarwal
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