The President of India, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, has said that itís high time for education reforms in India.

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President Pranab Mukherjee Calls for Reforms in Education

New Delhi: The President of India, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, has said that it’s high time for education reforms in India as the country is loosing education credibility at the world level. His remarks have come in the wake of the absence of Indian Universities among the world’s top 200.
Mr President was speaking at the Delhi University’s 90th Convocation Ceremony on Tuesday, i.e. March 19, 2013, where he awarded doctoral degrees to 455 students who have qualified their examination in the academic session 2012-13. In his speech, he has laid emphasis on the importance of education reforms so as to make it more inclusive and accessible in the country, especially in remote areas where people don’t get proper education.
Every citizen of India should participate in the education reforms as it is the only key to move towards the success. Whatever we have achieved since independence is incredible but education needs more work to do. Citing the problems related to both quantity and quality of higher education centers in the country, Mr President has said that “We have miles and miles to go”.
The President also emphasized that education should not be limited to only those who are capable of paying tuition fee. It’s the right of every individual and we all have to support the weaker section of the society in order to illuminate the nation with the light of education. Various students’ aid programmes, such as scholarships, education loans and self-help schemes should be appropriately structured into the country’s academic system, Mr President has added.
Growing dearth of faculty staff and low standard of education in Universities is also a big concern. He has also mentioned that around 51% posts of the Professors in central universities are vacant. Adding that establishment of open learning systems and guiding affiliated colleges on matters of curriculum and evaluation will be fruitful in order to strengthen the educational system in India, Mr President has concluded his speech.
- By Archana Sharma
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