The University of Mumbai is planning to permit students to pursue two full-time graduate programmes concurrently.

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Mumbai University to Permit Students to Pursue Two Graduate Programmes Concurrently

Mumbai: Good news for all ambitious and die-hard studious youngsters! Pursuing two courses at the same time will now be no more a dream. The University of Mumbai, also known as Mumbai University, is in talks on allowing students to enroll in two full-time courses simultaneously. This noble idea has sparked a light of positivity, especially for students who find it difficult to narrow down their choice to a single stream and course.
In a recently held meeting, S K Ukrande, Dean (technology), University of Mumbai, said that this step will permit students to accomplish more than one passion, both at the same time, one of which is usually left behind due to the option of pursuing one course. Say, for instance, some students wish to take up a B Com course in banking and insurance and, at the same time, they desire to study a B Com course in financial markets also as per their potential, he added.
By introducing the option of studying two degree programmes simultaneously, students can follow their dreams and chase the second plan, without giving a second thought to the second alternative. Ukrande, who was appointed by the University three months back, put forward to the Academic Council this proposal to permit students to take up two full-time graduate programmes concurrently. However, the final decision to implement the idea lies on the discretion of the management and Academic Council.
As per the report, students can opt to study in any one of the many combinations available - take up two degree courses and enroll for both as a full-time student; take up one full-time course and sign up for another through distance education; or take up one graduation programme and another certificate or diploma course, an option that was always available. Besides, students can pursue both the courses in the same college or study them at two different colleges.
However, the introduction of two courses at one time will increase the work and expense twofold. Nevertheless, students who are determined to achieve more than just the coursework offered will be highly benefitted, as this would multiply their chances of further education, jobs, and career opportunities.
For the smooth conduct of the courses, students should fulfill the eligibility and meet the attendance requirements of both. Further, they should inform both the colleges about the courses they are pursuing, in case they enroll in two different colleges, Ukrande informed. On the positive note, if the plan runs successfully, the colleges will be permitted to start a second shift, thereby allowing students to manage their day without sacrificing the studies of any one programme.

To make the process more convenient, the University will plan out a packed schedule to conduct the examinations. In the event of exam dates clashing, students will be permitted to take the exam when it would be held the next time, probably after six months. Apart from the above plan, the University is also in talks to launch Honours Programmes, an idea that was not yet instilled in the Mumbai city.

- By Iti Agarwal
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