Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (IIM- Ahmedabad) students are opting for Asian countries as their desired destinations.

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IIM-A Students Opt for Asian Countries

Ahmedabad: These daysa considerable number of students fromIndian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (IIM- Ahmedabad) students are opting for Asian countries. The reason is that they are sensing more business opportunities in the East compared to West.
As per sources, this year, when a list of destinations including universities in US, Europe and Asia was offered to the students of the Postgraduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX) at IIM-A, more than 60% of them opted for destinations in Asia.
Of the total 101 students, 63 of the one-year executive MBA programme opted to visit universities in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. The main idea behind choosing such destinations is to learn management practices there and look for possible business relations.
International Immersion at PGPX is a two-week programme. Students who pursue the course must compulsorily go abroad for two weeks of academic study in other countries. The aim is to expose students to work practices in a different environment and make them understand macro-economic underpinnings, strengths and weaknesses of the host country from a business perspective.
Furthermore, destinations such as Ohio in the West did not gain any student's attention; high student demands propelled the inclusion of destinations in the East to the set of options.
- By Iti Agarwal
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